Goodbye, SAGE-KE

For almost five years,Science of Aging Knowledge Environment (SAGE-KE) provided a useful service to the aging research community: a metafilter of the recent (and classic) literature, a source of original review articles and conference reviews, and perhaps most importantly, a sense that our field was rapidly expanding. I checked SAGE-KE every week for the latest in the field, and I was grateful for the resource.

Unfortunately, as of July, parent organization AAAS has chosen to terminate SAGE-KE, on the grounds of insufficient funding. I don’t know the details, but it sounds like not enough people (or institutions) were paying the additional subscription fee for access, and federal moneys that had helped sustain the enterprise had started to dry up. According to Science editor Don Kennedy and SAGE-KE editor George Martin:

Unfortunately, there was insufficient support to sustain SAGE KE, and it will no longer post new content after June 2006. However, its wealth of material is archived and will remain accessible indefinitely (free to AAAS members) and searchable by PubMed. The history of SAGE KE repeats what is now a familiar story about the uncertain fates and longevities of new Web sites and electronic resources that depend on private and/or federal funding, and on the budgets of a research community that is already stretched to its limits. (Link)

This is a loss to the aging research community worldwide. With neither subscription nor grant resources available, it falls to us to find a way to provide the same function.

For my idea about how to get going, see the next post.


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