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With the passing of SAGE KE, there’s a vacancy in cyberspace for a community website that serves researchers in all aspects of the biology of aging. From my perspective, such a site would have the following features:

  • Timely announcements of important articles in the field.
  • Critical, scholarly discussion of the significance of recent findings.
  • Original analysis and review of specific topics within the field.
  • Conference announcements, calls for abstracts, proceedings, and reviews.

These are the basics, anyway; this is what we’re missing now that SAGE KE is defunct. There are other things I would have liked to see in SAGE KE: discussions of the sociological and economic ramifications of lifespan research; treatments of aging research in fiction and popular culture; links to bioinformatic and other tools of general use to the biologist of aging, etc.

Understatement: It’s a big job.

The field itself is gigantic (ever done a PubMed search on aging?), and the task is therefore beyond any one individual. (Apparently it’s also beyond the resources of one of the top three scientific publications in the world.)

But it strikes me that these features are well within the scope of a community weblog, and that to the exact extent that we are willing to take a little time to point out interesting papers to others in the community, we can get back most of the functionality of SAGE KE.

So here it is: Ouroboros. After I figure out the bells and whistles on WordPress, I’m going to start posting semi-regularly on subjects of interest (to me) and see what happens.

If you’re a biologist of aging and you’re interested in getting involved, please leave a comment.


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  1. It’s always good to see a new science community blog. I wish you luck and success. Thanks too for your Bio::Blogs submission.

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