Conference: Radicals in Heart and Mind

From the mailbag:

We are pleased to invite you to the Buck Institute’s 2006 conference “Radicals in Heart and Mind”.

At this 2 day meeting to be held at the Buck Institute for Age Research in Novato, CA Thursday 26th October and Friday 27th October, you will have the opportunity to listen to 15 distinguished international speakers.

Sessions include:

  • Cardiovascular research
  • Cardiovascular applied
  • CNS Research
  • CNS applied

The conference is directed towards scientists, biotechnology and pharmaceutical scientists, business professionals, and others interested in translational medicine.

Please check our website at and click on “events” for further information on the meeting, including speakers, registration, travel and accommodation.

If you’re enticed, you can learn more from the slick conference brochure (pdf). Inquiries can be directed to Tracey Gill.

The Buck is a nice place to attend a conference, but stay away from the weird salad the caterer always serves for lunch on the second day; it’s like, curry apple or something, and it doesn’t work at all.