World Conference of Stress 2007

Sounds like a blast. Perhaps they should do a two-for-one deal with the World Congress on Pain.

From the mailbag:

It is our pleasure to ask you to participate on the 2007 World Conference of Stress (, which will be organized in Budapest, Hungary between August 23 and 26 next year. The Conference will be a sequel of our very successful meeting with more than 800 participants in 1997 and will host the 3rd Congress of Cell Stress Society International. We will celebrate the centennial birth anniversary of Hans Selye, the founder of the stress concept with more than 50 symposia from stress proteins to psychosocial stress.

The symposia topics can be changed/enriched with your suggestions. Please send us your symposium proposal with a brief description by no later than April 30th to the address of the Secretary of the Organizing Committee:

With this Conference we would like to show that science is not only a lifetime commitment, but also a lot of creativity and fun. You will find many unusual elements, like Pub Tours with Professors, a fair of Hungarian Stress-relief products (such as quality wines and artwork), a mixed lecture session to show the Stress of the Speaker, etc. To help us to plan the meeting better and to receive further information, please take two minutes, and submit your nonbinding pre-registration at

We will have several special programs for young scientists including scholarships. Please forward this email to your younger colleagues in the Department, who are most probably not on our mailing list. On behalf of all the organizers, I am looking forward to have you as our partner in this exciting endeavor,

sincerely yours,

Prof. Peter Csermely
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

If nothing else, the trans-Atlantic flight for US participants should be stressful enough.