Aging research fellowship and grant programs

I’m working on a fellowship progress report today. My fellowship-granting body, which will not be named since I’m about to bite the hand that feeds me, has decided to make first-year postdoctoral fellows fill out the same annual progress reports as faculty with lab startup grants. As a result I’m cranky and a little brain-dead, so I’ll let You The Readers do some of the work today:

It would be useful to compile all of the aging-related grant programs together in one place. I know of one program, which — again — I will refrain from naming because at the moment I’m mad at it. I am betting that there is more than one in the world.

So: If you know of an aging-specific research funding mechanism, tell us about it in the Comments. It could be from the private non-profit, public, or profit sectors; it could be for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, or programs. Perhaps it only funds a meeting a year; perhaps it pays your salary for three; perhaps it funds your whole lab for five. The only criterion is that it be devoted to research in the biology of aging.

Extra points for programs not specifically earmarked for the big neurodegeneration diseases, but we want to hear about those too.



  1. Good idea, I started a page on the Science Wiki OpenWetWare which might be a better palce to collate the information? You need to sign-up for an ccount before you can edit.


    *[ Strategic Promotion of Aging Research Capacity, UK funding body for ageing research]
    *[ Help the Aged, UK, most deadlines have passed for this year.]
    *[ Ellison Medical Foundation]

  2. Hi there,

    Of course, you’re aware of the MPrize , but your readers may not be. The Prize is not a classic grant program, of course, but it does provide a strong financial incentive for achieving the key benchmark of experimental biogerontology: actually slowing, arresting, or reversing the aging process in mice.


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