Reader appreciation

Ouroboros has been live for two months, and I’m pleased with the way things are going: Around 50 readers view the site every day, with gusts of over 100. Roughly the same number subscribe to our RSS feed and read every day. Sometime this weekend, we’ll welcome our 2000th unique visitor. For a two-month old site with highly technical content, written by a scientist for other scientists in a specialized field, I think this is a promising start.

I originally conceived this project as a community weblog for researchers in the biology of aging, and a resource for the field: a place where biogerontologists can come to learn about the most significant recent findings in our discipline, discuss them, and interact with each other.

The key to progress toward this goal is reaching a wide audience. I wish to give special thanks to those who have been active in spreading the word thus far. I specifically want to acknowledge referrals from Longevity Meme and our republication partnership with the Mprize site, both of which have helped tremendously in the expansion of our readership base.

Thanks also to the biogerontologists and biologists in related fields who have weighed in with your comments, subscribed to the feed, sent correspondence, and shared this site with your colleagues. Thanks to the science bloggers who have linked and promoted Ouroboros on your own sites. Every individual contribution helps to build the community and makes the project more successful. Please continue!

And finally, thanks to all for reading.