Call for submissions: Mendel’s Garden

Ouroboros will be hosting the next installation of Mendel’s Garden, a blog carnival devoted to genetics, especially gene expression, development, and evolutionary genetics.

If you’re a science blogger who would like to share a good recent article on those subjects, please submit your posting here. Deadline for submission is September 30 11:59 PM PST (UTC minus 7); I will post the carnival sometime in the Californian morning on October 2.

Since Ouroboros focuses on research in the biology of aging, I’d like to make a special call for articles that bear on some related issue: evolution of lifespan, age-related disease, temporal changes in gene expression. (It’s a specialized theme, and therefore non-exclusive of other topics. Anything on the broad subject of genetics is welcome. For an example, see the last installation of the Garden at The Voltage Gate.)