Fifteen nanoseconds of fame: I get blogterviewed

Attila Csordás over at Partial Immortalization is asking five questions of life extension supporters (plus one for bloggers), and posting a few of our answers in interview/”blogterview” format. The first posting contained the answers of life extension activism’s hyper-prolific Gran Kahuna, Reason, perpetrator of Fight Aging! as well as Longevity Meme and other projects.

Four of my answers went up today, and I’m told that the other two will be going up as standalone postings sometime soon. If you’d like to know more about how I got into aging, what I think about the future of life extension technology, or just want to see someone call Ray Kurzweil a hack, stop by PImmBlog and check it out.

Be sure to say hi to Attila, who may be joining us at Ouroboros as an occasional guest blogger.

UPDATE: The second installation of the interview is up here, and the third and final installation is here.