What 200 calories looks like

Happy New Year!

As we emerge from our gluttonous holiday stupor (do I speak only for myself?), perhaps calorie restriction is looking more appealing from a number of different perspectives — the prospect of life extension, certainly, but also simply to avoid long afternoons spent in bloated slumber in the parlor easy chair.

In order to make the prospect more concrete, I wanted to share with you the following web site, which consists entirely of images of what 200 calories looks like. Depending on one’s body mass, this is between 1/6 and 1/8 of a day’s ration, so it’s worth knowing what you’re in for.

The order of the results aren’t very surprising, but the sheer dynamic range in energy density widened my eyes a bit. There are 200 calories in 1.4 kilos of celery …

200 calories of celery

… in a single avocado …

200 calories of avocado

… and in just over a tablespoon of butter:


No wonder some CR aficionados often rely on software for their menu planning. As one wit would have it: You might not live longer, but it would sure seem longer.

I’ll be back on mission (reviewing primary literature) by next Monday at the latest. In the meantime, ponder, savor, and enjoy.


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  1. Start drinking water instead of soda pop, and presto! 20% lifespan extention:

    CHICAGO (Reuters) – Americans who have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight should start thinking about more than what they eat, a beverage industry survey said on Monday.

    The study, commissioned by the Milk Processor Education Program, found that liquids make up 22 percent of calories in the average American’s diet.

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