Encephalon’s 1st Anniversary, plus Carnival of the Blue

Very exciting news for the science blogosphere and for one devoted and energetic blogger in particular: Neurophilosophy has moved to ScienceBlogs, where the Neurophilosopher’s incisive and erudite stylings will surely reach an even wider audience. All of his old material is still up at the original wordpress.com site.

The move comes just in time for the first anniversary of Encephalon, one of the most active and well-subscribed biological blog carnivals out there, which the Neurophilosopher coordinates. The anniversary issue, #26, went up today. Our article on the seemingly opposing roles of sirtuins in neurodegenerative disease made the grade. Happy carnivalersary, Encephalon!

Ouroboros also wormed into Carnival of the Blue, a new anthology of marine-biological blogging. Last month’s article about aging in cetaceans, The old man of the sea, is included in their second issue, now at blogfish.


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