Laboratory protocols for biogerontology

The book/periodical Methods in Molecular Biology has recently released a “Methods and protocols” volume entitled Biological Aging.

The volume is a treasure trove of techniques that are rapidly becoming standards in the broad field of biogerontology, from cell culture (including staining and identification of senescent cells) to molecular assays (e.g. telomerase, methyltransferases and oxidation). Several chapters are devoted to the care and feeding (or, if you like, restricted feeding) of widely used biogerontological model organisms, including yeast, fly, and mouse. The most modern methods also get a nod, with articles on microarrays, QTL analysis and metabolomics. Overall, it would be a valuable addition to the lab bookshelf in any research group that is serious about aging.

The Humana Press website is one of those awful messes that, inexcusably, doesn’t allow direct linking to specific content, so unfortunately I can’t link directly to the volume. In order to view the table of contents, you’ll have to enter “371” in the “Volume” space in this form. That’s annoying, I know, but if you’re interested in these techniques it’s still probably worth it.


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