Our newest author is a real fun gi

Welcome to our newest contributor! UCSF’s Lev Osherovich has joined us under the handle yeastbeast. We’re lucky to have him on board: As a graduate student, Lev worked on prion biology in the ultimate model organism, S. cerevisiae; now, as a postdoc, he focuses on insulin signaling in neurodegenerative disease (on the strength of which proposal he was awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award).

You can view what will hopefully be the first of many contributions, The low insulin brain, immediately above. Lev’s thoughts about everything else under the sun can be perused at William Butler Yeast.


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  1. Welcome aboard! And thanks in advance for making one of my favorite science blogs just that much better!

    But as for the title, OUCH! Ok, it got me to post. But, still, ouch. And from my wife as well, as the joke is getting recycled next time I make shiitake rolls.

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