In case you missed it on the air, you can hear the Mortality episode of WNYC’s clever and insightful program Radiolab program as a podcast. In this episode, hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich (who are the science equivalent of the Tappett Brothers without the lame jokes and annoying laughter ) tackle the question that keeps Ouroboros readers awake at night— why can’t we have more life? The show’s highlight is a very informative interview with Leonard Hayflick, with a sidelight about Alexis Carrel (worst. Nobel laureate. ever) and the scandalous Scandinavian origins of widely-used cell culture lines. Also featured is the ubiquitous and ever-enthusiastic Cynthia Kenyon (oh, hi boss… do you often read this blog?) and robotic approaches to care of the aged in Japan. Here’s the link.