Science bloggers on Jupiter

At Jupiter, anyway.

Last night, PLoS ONE online community coordinator and world-famous science blogger Bora Zivkovic convened a meeting of the minds at the aforementioned Berkeley brew pub. Over delicious wood-fired pizzas and quite a few pints, I got a chance to meet a whole host of bloggers (including fellow biogerontology blogger Attila Csordás of Partial Immortalization), editorial officers and card-carrying members of the global open-access conspiracy, and other sundry thinkers. A lot of them were in town to attend SciFoo, for which I burn with envy — maybe next year I’ll rate an invitation.

Bora has posted a comprehensive list of attendees and some zany photos, including a couple of me (looking hot) and one of Attila eating pizza like a classy European. Share the madness here.



  1. Don’t despair, Ouroboros! With pluck and a little luck, one day you too will do SciFoo. Just keep doing your thing and the in crowd will catch up to you.

  2. Hey Chris, you forgot me, and I tried so hard to show the love. You’re a funny bastard and it was a pleasure (totally platonic though) to meet you.

    Like you, I am rather envious of the folks at SciFoo, if only for the free gourmet food. And I love to star-fuck.

  3. Nice meeting you there. Too bad we didn’t have a chance to talk … maybe some other time. In that same vein, are you planning on going to Bora’s conference? (I’m 50/50.)

  4. Great to meet you too Alex — I agree it was a missed opportunity to talk at length, but I figure that biologists have ample opportunity to travel between Boston and the Bay Area, so it won’t be our last chance.

    Regarding the blog conference — I’d love to go, but most of my discretionary money for conferences is already spoken for this year. If I can find a reasonable ticket and the lodging isn’t too expensive I will strongly consider going. Also I need to look at the K99 deadline schedule. So I’m about 50/50 too. What are your relevant variables, and their current values?

    Hey, maybe I should put out a tin cup on my site and host a Blog-a-Thon… 🙂 “Give Chris a dollar to go to Chapel Hill.” I bet I could raise at least $7 by January…

  5. Looks like the fun continued post scifoo. Too bad I couldn’t be there.

    After meeting all the blogging folk at scifoo, I am about 80/20 on the science blogging con. It might just become quite the staple in the conference sked.

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