Review: Mitochondria and aging

For addition to the required reading list, another comprehensive review of an essential topic in biogerontology. This one is about mitochondria: both their impact on the aging process (via processes like oxidation) and aging’s impact on the organelle. From Lambert and Brand:

Research on mitochondria and aging, 2006–2007

This review focuses on some of the ‘hot topics’ that fall under the general heading ‘mitochondria and aging’. For each selected topic, we highlight recent publications that have either addressed specific problems within the field or presented novel findings of interest regarding the links between mitochondria and aging. These include studies on the structure of complex I and the mechanisms of superoxide production by this complex; work showing a novel site of hydrogen peroxide production within mitochondria that is modulated by caloric restriction; explorations of the relationship between the rate of evolution of mitochondrial DNA and lifespan; a demonstration that mitochondrial DNA mutations do not limit lifespan in mice; and investigations of the effects of mitochondrial fission on aging. We also list other relevant articles of interest and suggest some key challenges for the field in the near future.

I suppose by “comprehensive” I mean “broad” rather than “exhaustively thorough.” The article does a great job of giving the important background without getting bogged down in excessive detail, and presents recent findings (as well as controversies) with erudition and fairness.