Aubrey de Grey at UC-Berkeley today

Pardon the short notice, but I just learned about this myself. Anti-aging activist and beard farmer Aubrey de Grey, recently mentioned here in the context of his Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence conference, is speaking this afternoon on the Berkeley campus. I have experiments running but will make an to attend; it’s been a while (>7 years) since I’ve heard Aubrey live, and I’m sure it will be interesting, entertaining, and a good chance to engage those critical thinking skills we’re all supposed to keep honed.

Extending Life Span
Topic of Campus Talk

UC Berkeley’s Department of Bioengineering is hosting a lecture by Aubrey de Grey today at 4 p.m. in Sibley Auditorium. In his talk, de Grey will discuss how therapies that can add 30 years to the remaining lifespan of healthy 55-year-olds may arrive within the next few decades, and how progressively improving therapies will decrease deaths from age-related causes.

If you’re not familiar with the Berkeley campus, there’s a map here. Sibley is in the Bechtel Engineering building, in map square B-5.