In which we hit the big time

I am pleased to report that Ouroboros was mentioned in today’s Random Samples, a weekly feature of a little journal called Science (interpolated links are mine):

Spending your working hours pondering how our bodies break down as we get older might sound a little depressing. But research on aging is booming, and the field’s good health is on display at the blog Ouroboros, which is named for a symbol of endlessness. Three postdocs from leading aging research labs offer their takes on the latest results from conferences and the literature. In a little more than a year, the authors have touched on topics as diverse as the evolution of whale menopause, cell death during muscle aging, and a potential new blood test for Alzheimer’s disease. The site is aimed at researchers, but it can also help beginners get up to speed.

For those of you just joining us from Science: welcome. Whether you’re a biogerontologist like us or just curious about the biology of aging, kick up your feet and stay a while. The navigation column on the right has links to our top articles, other interesting science and aging blogs, and (toward the bottom) a category index of all of our posts.

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