Urgent: Cast a vote for real science

Over at the 2007 Weblog Awards, a climate change denialist is narrowly winning the “Best Science Blog” category. Apparently, conservative bloggers who confuse politics for science (and probably have some difficulty with their own anterior-posterior axis) are sending their mouth-breathing masses there to rig the poll.

Well, two can play at that game. I strongly suggest heading here to vote for Bad Astronomy, an amazing science blog (devoted, in this case, to actual science). They’re currently in second place by about a thousand votes.

Every vote counts and time is of the essence: Polls close at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST today. Policy masquerading as scientific judgment has done enough damage in the US already (as those of you in the stem cell field already know); we don’t want them to have bragging rights as well.

Once again: Vote for Bad Astronomy here.

UPDATE 2007.11.09:: In a last-minute surge, Bad Astronomy edged out Climate Audit in the poll, winning this year’s 2007 Weblog Award for “Best Science Blog”. The margin was tiny, so every vote really did count. Thanks to all who voted, and congratulations to Bad Astronomy!

RE-UPDATE: Whoops, looks like there were some (low-level) irregularities in the voting, and the organizers of the Awards are announcing a tie. Disappointing on two levels (that science and pseudo-science share top billing, and that the organizers couldn’t guarantee the security of voting on their site.)



  1. Maybe it is you who confuses his political agenda with science? Anti-science is to stop all discussion even in the face of inconclusive evidence to say the least. The practice of silencing opposing voices is hardly honorable or furthering the quest for understanding, right? (says a tree-hugging pinko commie at heart 🙂 )

  2. Curious: Funny, I didn’t try to stop the discussion, just to promote an award being given to what I perceived as better science — so I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at. Haven’t silenced anyone. Haven’t suggested that anyone be silenced. Just stated a preference for good science over agenda-driven “science,” and proposed that others might want to make their voices heard in a vote-based award. I’ll let you know when I start censoring people with the might of my vast government.

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