The biogerontologist’s bookshelf

I’m considering starting a special section (a separate page, like the “About” page) devoted to books about the biology of aging. I’m most interested in edited anthologies and monographs of the “by scientists, for scientists” sort, but I’m also planning to include some of the more erudite volumes aimed at a broader audience.

I’m curious to know what you, the readers, think. If Ouroboros had a page of links and short reviews of recent books about the biology of aging, what would you want to see on it? If you’ve got an idea, please leave a comment.



  1. Thanks Hans — that list is great.

    As for the Amazon search: obviously, as you point out, we’re all capable of doing our own searches, and filtering the huge number of hits on our own.

    Perhaps I should clarify my request by saying that I’m looking for excellence, indispensability, and uniqueness rather than thoroughness.

  2. and if you were to bend your insightful and critical eye toward reviewing some or all of the titles that would be an invaluable resource!

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