AFAR grant programs

Researchers working on aging-related questions will want to check out the American Federation for Aging Research grant offerings. There’s something for everyone, with specific grants for young and mid-level faculty, postdocs and clinicians. Several of the grants are offered jointly with the Ellison Foundation.

One reason I find these programs particularly appealing: I spoke briefly with one of the board members at the NAKFI meeting last week, and I got a real sense that AFAR is genuinely interested in the basic science of aging — i.e., there’s no reason to contort one’s proposal to emphasize its direct impact on cancer or specific diseases, as one often must when applying for funds from other agencies.

Deadlines are in late December to January, in general. If you’re at all in the market for additional funding support, I would definitely encourage you to check these programs out.

(And yes, I’m applying for one of the awards myself, which might be why the pre-turkey blogging has been a bit thin. Hoping to get this out of the way within the next week so that I can get back to the bench. To everyone else: Happy Thanksgiving!)


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