Carnival links

Blogging will be a little thin this week as I finish up my AFAR fellowship proposal in time for LBNL’s internal deadline. In the meantime, here are some links to other, busier bloggers who have hosted carnivals this week:

Both carnivals are chock full of biological goodness, so be sure to stop by and check them out.

UPDATE 12/5/2007: A day late but hardly a dollar short,* Tangled Bank 94 just went up at Life Before Death. This is a particularly rich TB with extensive commentary by LBD’s author Felicia Gilljam. Even better, she put our article about sirtuin activators as anti-diabetes drugs in first position. Tack så mycket, Felicia!

Along those lines, Ouroboros will be hosting the next edition of Tangled Bank on December 19th, so if you have a article of biological interest that you’d like to submit, you can send email to

UPDATE 12/10/2007: And today, Mendel’s Garden 21 just went live at The Inoculated Mind; it contains two posts from Ouroboros, the tardigrade piece and another on restricting inflammaging. It’s a funny carnival, complete with evil twins.

* For an illustration of what grant deadlines can do to one’s sense of time, see the Comments.



  1. Whoops! I thought today was the 6th — It’s a day earlier than I thought it was! This means I have one more day to work on my grant. Procrastination, here I come!

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