AGEMAP database reviewed at

Over at, a detailed review of the recent PLoS Genetics paper by Zahn et al., AGEMAP: A Gene Expression Database for Aging in Mice. The GrailSearcher writes:

Databases are usually quite dull. They are filled with tedious gobs of data like shoe size, date of birth and other boring tidbits that are meaningless on their own. Having to work with them on a day to day basis can sometimes makes you want to bore a hole in your head with a spoon. The AGEMAP database kicks ass though and I’ll tell you why.

… [T]he authors describe how they ginsu-ed some mice and built a gene expression database of about 8,900 genes from 16 tissues at four age intervals. In doing so they created one of the most extensive aging gene expression studies to date and probably the most important of aging datasets yet to surface.

(Emphasis mine.) To find out just how AGEMAP works and how firmly it kicks ass (in at least eight different ways), check out the GrailSearchers’s post here.