C. elegans course at CSHL: Deadline *tomorrow*

Given the significance of the humble worm to the field of biogerontology, I thought I’d remind everyone that the application deadline for the worm course at Cold Spring Harbor is tomorrow. If you’ve got $3500 burning a hole in your pocket and want to learn about this system, run (don’t walk) to your nearest internet-capable appliance and register.

Here is the web page; here are the details:

August 9 – 24
Application Deadline: March 15, 2008

Shawn Ahmed, University of North Carolina
Arshad Desai, University of California San Diego
Mei Zhen, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Canada

This course is designed to familiarize investigators with C. elegans as an experimental system, with an emphasis on both classical genetic analysis and reverse genetic approaches. A major goal is to teach students how to successfully exploit the information generated by the C. elegans genome project. The course is suited both for those who have a current training in molecular biology and some knowledge of genetics, but have no experience with C. elegans, as well as students with some prior worm experience who wished to expand their repertoire of expertise. The following topics will be covered both in the laboratory and by lectures from experts in the field: worm pushing, C. elegans databases and worm bioinformatics, anatomy and development, forward genetics, chemical and transposon mutagenesis, generation of transgenic animals, expression pattern analysis, reverse genetics, construction and screening of deletion libraries, and RNA inactivation. The course is designed to impart sufficient training to students in the most important attributes of the C. elegans system to enable students to embark on their own research projects after returning to their home institutions.