Palazzo on cancer and metabolism

Over at The Daily Transcript, Alex is in the process of posting a three-part series on cancer and metabolism: “From Metabolism to Oncogenes and Back”.

In Part I, he gives a brief history of the last century of cancer biology, focusing on the advent of the oncogene/tumor suppressor paradigms; in Part II, he describes how the spotlight is returning to metabolism, especially functions like cell size homeostasis, regulation of ribosome synthesis, and the interplay of metabolic signaling pathways with cell growth.

In Part III, yet to be published, the intrepid companions will breach the gates of Mordor and destroy the One Ring in the fires where it was forged.

So far the posts are a delightful combination of historical insight and masterful analysis of recent findings; I’d call it some of the strongest science blogging of 2008 so far. If you’re at all interested in cancer, from a biogerontological perspective or not, I strongly recommend you head on over and check it out.

UPDATE: Here’s Part III.