Blog on senescence: Ageing Research

Holy smokes! Over at the (relatively) new blog Ageing Research, Dominick Burton is engaged in nothing less than a comprehensive review of cellular senescence and its (putative) role in organismal aging. He started from first principles (with definitions of aging and a discussion of some early theories regarding the process), and has moved from there through a historical overview of senescence to a discussion of the modern understanding of senescence and aging. He’s now focusing on some of the molecular mechanisms underlying senescence in vitro.

It’s more than a blog — it’s more like a slowly evolving review that grows in bite-sized chunks. That’s a good thing for readers who want to learn about the most modern aspects of the field but might require additional background information to get up to full speed. Heck, it’s pretty great for us so-called “experts” — skimming over Dominick’s archives, I definitely found myself reminded of a few things I’d forgotten (and then forgotten that I’d forgotten).

So if you’re at all interested in theories of aging, cellular senescence, telomere biology, or just well-researched and well-written science blogging, click on over to Ageing Research and check it out. Belated welcome to the biogerontology blogosphere, Dominick!