Cellular senescence and disease at Ageing Research

In the absence of any original blogging from me today, I’m going to beseech the readers to check out the ongoing series on cellular senescence over at Ageing Research. Dominick has now turned to the relationship between senescence and human disease states, focusing first on atherosclerosis and vascular calcification (it’s a four-part series: 1 2 3 4).

For those of us working on senescence, Dominick’s ambitious and thus far unflagging efforts to review the entire field are sure to generate a gold mine, and perhaps the gold standard online reference on this subject. As I read about the disease connections, some of which I hadn’t known about prior to now, I found myself salivating, thinking, I will never again have to do a literature search to write a “medical significance” section of a grant…

What are you still doing here?