New crop of HHMI investigators includes Andrew Dillin

The 2008 class of new Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators was announced last week. The list includes a number of colleagues and personal friends, and I’m proud of all of them; I’ll resist the temptation to give a shout-out to my homies, however, and stick to this site’s mission:

Among the awardees is Andrew Dillin of the Salk Institute. Dillin studies the molecular biology of aging in the worm C. elegans. We discuss his lab’s work often enough at Ouroboros that he basically deserves his own category. Andy is one of the very few full-time biogerontologists to receive the honor of being named an HHMI investigator, if not the only one (if I’m overlooking someone, please correct me in the Comments). So it’s a big day for the field as well.

Congratulations, Andy and the Dillin lab!