BioBarCamp, a bio-themed “unconference”: Palo Alto, CA, August 6-7

Especially for biologists in the San Francisco Bay Area (or with the means to get there), you might want to look into BioBarCamp, the brainchild of fellow aging and regenerative medicine blogger Attila Csordás from Partial Immortalization. The event will take place at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA on August 6-7. The dates were chosen to make it easier for those attending 2008 SciFoo to attend both meetings.

BioBarCamp is an “unconference,” which among other things means that there will be no set schedule until the first day of the meeting. The agenda will be set dynamically by the attendees (though there will be copious discussion of the topics beforehand). There will certainly be at least some biogerontology discussion.

You can find out more at the BioBarCamp Google group and the BioBarCamp wiki. (Those are also the places to make inquiries, once you’ve figured out how the message boards work; the learning curve isn’t super-steep but those of you just joining us do have a bit of catch-up reading to do, especially on the Google group forum pages.)

Unlike the unrelated (but certainly complementary) event at the Googleplex the following weekend, the guest list of BioBarCamp is also informal. The group is hoping for ~100 attendees; at present only 30 or so of the spots are filled.

If you’re intrigued, check out the online materials linked above and consider signing up.