Blogiversary II

Ouroboros turned two years old yesterday.

The blog continues to grow. The readership is expanding (two out of the last three months we’ve had more than ten thousand views); comments are growing more and more active; and countless bits of positive reinforcement (see here and here), continue to reassure me that this is a worthwhile enterprise. Every once in a while, someone asks my opinion about something (see here, here, and here) or invites me to a fascinating conference (or unconference), and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I have a lot of the same specific thanks to issue as I did last year. When this blog was a fledgling, it never could have gotten out of the nest without the help of Reason at Fight Aging! and Longevity Meme; we continue to benefit tremendously from the linkage from those sites. The same goes for Attila at Partial Immortalization and the community at the Mprize site. (It should go without saying that those same sites deserve praise for the quality of their own content.) I should also mention the prolific and fascinating blog Biosingularity, whom I’ve never properly thanked for the torrent of referral traffic over the years.

To those old friends, I’d like to add new friends, such as the energetic and prolific especially the digg/reddit-like futurist communities at On Singularity, FutureScanner and FutureBlogger, which are bringing a whole new cohort of readers in to Ouroboros.

Recently, we’ve made some efforts in the direction of using social networking to boost participation and discussion: if you’re interested, check out our Facebook group and (the next frontier, as yet largely undeveloped) my Nature Network page. So far folks seem to be enthusiastic about joining but not necessarily in using those venues for discussion — hopefully that will change as the numbers increase.

For the year ahead, I have mostly the same dreams I’ve always had: that I’ll be able to keep track of the giant and growing aging literature in a manner that will fill a necessary niche in the biogerontology community. Some weeks I feel like I’m doing great; others I know I’m behind, but I’m going to keep trying.

And of course, the biggest thanks go to the readers. Once again: thank you for showing up, reading, thinking, commenting, and spreading the word. All that other vanity aside, you’re why I’m doing this, and I definitely have enough fuel for another year. Thank you.

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