“Hourglass” submission deadline is today

Remember, Hourglass (part of the celebration of our second blogiversary) is tomorrow — so today is the deadline for submission to the first issue of the first blog carnival devoted to the biology of aging. We’ve only gotten a few submissions so far, and I’m hoping to shake a few more loose. Extra points for submissions made by midnight PST, and extra-special extra points for submissions that include a cool image.



  1. Hi…I’ve been working on my submission this evening (started it this past weekend), but I got stuck in a waiting room for 2 hours after work so I’m a bit behind. 😦

    I’m still planning on submitting my entry as a carnival entry, but I’ll understand if you’re not planning on adding any links for stuff submitted, say, tomorrow evening (which is more likely when my entry will be in a respectable state).

  2. Sorry to hear you had a rough night. Anne.

    I’m going to get the carnival published this morning with the stuff we have in hand now, but encourage you to submit a post to next month’s carnival.

    Hope things go better for you today!

  3. Bora — As soon as we have an N of 2, there will be a homepage on this site (like the About page that already exists, but about Hourglass). I’ll be sure to let you know.

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