Over the ~2 years that Ouroboros has been up and running, I’ve averaged about four posts per week, which is just one post shy of my goal of one each weekday. Even at that pace, however, and with many posts covering more than one recent article, I haven’t been able to keep up with the pace of the aging literature — inevitably, many articles (even quite excellent ones) don’t make it onto the blog.

Lately, as experiments get more demanding and conference preparation looms, I’ve been falling even further behind. Every morning, the long backlog — now containing more than 60 articles — stares me in the face, and the size of the task itself is starting to interfere with my willingness to address it. I need a clean slate.

But I hate for articles I’d picked to go unmentioned, so I’m going to try to at least say a few words (like, 5) about each paper before I wipe it off the list. That means that I’ll be using an unusual format this week, sort of an abbreviated “research roundup,” possibly alongside a few very short-format pieces for papers that don’t fit neatly into a large well-populated category.

The reason I’m mentioning this is not because I suspect the existence of a long-frustrated silent majority of readers who want more meta-posts about the internal functioning of this site, but rather because it may look like I’ve moved toward an analysis-poor “link dump” format, and I want to assure you that this is temporary.

Next week, one way or the other, the slate will be clean, and there will be a few other (more or less permanent) format and style changes adopted at that point.