Carnivalia: Encephalon 50 and Tangled Bank 110

Last week, two major carnival featured posts from Ouroboros:

Both carnivals contain a lot of great science, so at least until I get back in the saddle at Ouroboros (hopefully tomorrow), you can get your fix there.

Sad news about the originally intended host of TB 110: Jeff, the Blue Collar Scientist, was recently diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma. His science blogging is on hiatus but he is recording his experiences with his illness and treatment at his personal blog. For those of you who’ve enjoyed Jeff’s writing in the past, I’m sure he’d appreciate your support.

UPDATE: In the Tangled Bank entry linked above, PZ Myers (author of Pharyngula, initiator of Tangled Bank and the host of its most recent installment) made an offhand remark:

I would think a great way to start a cataclysmic natural disaster would be to prolong human lives. But then, we are selfish, and I’m sure not planning on disappearing in the near future.

that has led to some interesting discussion in the comments, see especially here and here.