Hourglass II: Submissions (and host) wanted

The second installation of Hourglass, a blog carnival devoted to the biology of aging, will occur on August 12th. So, we’re soliciting entries in the general subject area of aging and biogerontology:

Topics of posts should have something to do with the biology of aging, broadly speaking — including fundamental research in biogerontology, age-related disease, ideas about life extension technologies, your personal experience with calorie restriction, maybe even something about the sociological implications of increased longevity. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the management, so feel free to subvert the dominant paradigm. If in doubt, submit anyway.

We’re also looking for a host, so if you’re an aging-related blogger (or simply a science blogger looking to expand your horizons), let me know.

Submissions and offers to host can both be emailed to me.

(In the meantime, feel free to check out the first installation of the carnival, here.)