Sunday funnies

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as much in favor of the shining golden immortal future as the next biogerontologist — but sometimes that shine can be bright enough to blind one’s critical faculties. Therefore, it’s important to cultivate a healthy skepticism, not only about the inevitability of aging, but also about the more outlandish projections of those hyperoptimistic extrapolation junkies we know and love as futurists. This piece is going over my bench.

Building a fake future in hopes that the real future will show up and mate with it

The image is currently available in poster format at TopatoCo.

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  1. Frankly, I´ve always found Kurtzweil et al vaguely annoying, not as much for their predictions (which may or may not happen, but that, as any future predictions, seem based a lot on, guesses, suppositions and personal opinions) but because they seem to be waiting for someone else to achieve them like Evangelicals wait for the rapture. And despite that you can be sure they´ll take credit for any prediction-achievement match just as if they had worked for it…

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