Pfizer creates a regenerative medicine unit

via The Niche: The stem cell blog:

The pharmaceutical giant made it official today. It has launched a regenerative medicine unit co-located in Cambridge, UK and Cambridge, MA. It will have about 70 full-time employees, but the cheery news for stem-cell start-ups is the focus on deal-making. The company’s press release hinted that several scientific collaborations would be announced this week, and Pfizer’s head of bio-innovation reportedly said that this initiative might very well help some young companies stay alive through the financial crisis. (See the Wall Street Journal blog. For a broader view, see In search of a viable business model.)

The company press release (linked in the excerpt above) manages to go on for 500 words without mentioning aging, but I’d bet that targeting age-related decline in tissue function is near the top of the list for planned cell-based therapeutics. It is, after all, a potentially bigger market than any one disease.

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  1. do you have an examples of potential market estimation targeting aging?
    for cell-based therapies – plenty of business reports published, so I think BigPharma watch them out.

    Second is age-related decline in tissue function it’s not the top of list for cell-based therapies in near future (let’s say 3-5 years), because it’s still in experiment. But such serious diseases as cancer of cardiac are on II-III phases of clinical trials and ready to go to the market and widely commercialized.
    In 5 years everything could change and I think big biotech and pharma will start to invest in cell therapy of aging.

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