One great feature of the open access movement is that it’s democratized the act of reading a scholarly paper: you don’t need a subscription or an academic appointment, just access to a computer and a web browser.

But perhaps the OA folks have overly democratized the act of publishing a manuscript. Recent evidence suggests that they’ll let anyone do it.

Kidding aside: We’re pretty pleased about this paper, and we expect it to be the first of many from the Campisi lab on the general subject of secretion by senescent cells. Many of us are currently working on various aspects of the phenomenon, mostly on physiology and upstream regulation. Watch this space for further developments.

I can’t bring myself to blog seriously about papers I helped to write. If you’re interested, Abel Pharmboy has a detailed post over at Terra Sigillata; in it, he talks about the aging-cancer connection addressed within the paper. (Just to say it explicitly: I am not the first author of this study. Abel chose to interview me for the piece nbecause of our prior rapport and my involvement in science blogging).

Then again, it is an open-access paper, you can also check it out in primary form – perhaps, if you’re a nonspecialist, starting with the author summary.