Science Commons informational video

Science Commons has just released its first informational video, as part of the Creative Commons Annual Fundraising Campaign. It’s pretty slick — directed by Jesse Dylan (of Obama campaign video fame) and with music from of the Black Eyed Peas.

The thesis of the video (and the motivation behind Science Commons) is that the web has done wonders for many different types of creative pursuit, but not yet for science. Intrinsic barriers, including but not limited to patents and copyrights, prevent the use of materials and ideas even when no one is served by that, even the holders of the patents or copyrights themselves.

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Science Commons is one of the major forces fueling the open science movement. Their mission statement, from their web site, is here:

Making the Web Work for Science

Science Commons designs strategies and tools for faster, more efficient web-enabled scientific research. We identify unnecessary barriers to research, craft policy guidelines and legal agreements to lower those barriers, and develop technology to make research, data and materials easier to find and use.

Our goal is to speed the translation of data into discovery — unlocking the value of research so more people can benefit from the work scientists are doing.

If you’re interested in hearing more, check out the website or the Science Commons blog.