Newsweek on aging

Newsweek has a nice article written for the masses on the biology of aging. It covers a broad spectrum of aging topics, including calorie restriction and telomeres. Major projects like the New England Centenarian Study and work with the Calorie Restriction Society are also mentioned. Newsweek interviewed some major players in aging research for the article, including Cynthia Kenyon about her work on the genetics of aging in C. elegans and Elizabeth Blackburn about her recent paper on the changes of telomerase expression because of diet.

Since the days of Ponce de León, if not before, people have been seeking the elusive Fountain of Youth. Until recently, such pursuits were the realm of quacks and charlatans. And there are still plenty of snake-oil salesmen out there on the Internet and in so-called anti-aging clinics, hawking everything from longevity-bestowing Ecuadoran waters (which are probably harmless) to growth hormones (which could be downright dangerous for adults). But serious scientists are now bringing respectability to the field, unraveling the secrets of aging on a cellular level and looking for ways to slow it down. And while the science is still young (so to speak), legitimate longevity-boosting treatments could be available in 10 to 15 years—although the gains would be more modest than in Kenyon’s worms.

The article follows a trend of aging research being covered by the popular press, something all of us here at Ouroboros support.