NIA Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research: April 1 application deadline

The Buck Institute will be hosting the 2009 National Institute of Aging Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research.

Space is limited to around 20 participants, so the application process will be competitive, but it’s worth taking the chance. (If you’re selected, the course is completely free, including travel.)

This workshop is a great opportunity for a beginning professor or senior fellow who might be considering moving into the field to rapidly acquire expertise and training in the important techniques of modern biogerontology.

Here’s some more detail:

Seventeenth Annual
Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research

June 13-18, 2009
Buck Institute for Age Research

The Summer Training Course provides intense exposure to current concepts in experimental aging research for 15-20 research scientists. It is designed primarily for junior faculty and advanced fellows with at least two years postdoctoral experience in cell or molecular biology or a related field. Senior scientists who wish to learn about current aging research are also welcome.

Each day includes:
i) overview lectures on a pivotal topic in modern aging research
ii) development workshops at which students present research ideas and plans for constructive critique
iii) faculty research talks on selected topics.

No course fee. Travel, lodging and meals are covered by funds from the National Institute on Aging and Buck Institute’s Nathan Shock Center.

Faculty for the 2009 course include:
Steven Austad
Judith Campisi, STC Director
Pankaj Kapahi
Richard Miller
Peter Rabinovitch
Preliminary course topics include:

• evolutionary biology of aging
• genomic damage and aging
• invertebrate models to study aging
• how to design an animal experiment
• role of mitochondria in aging
• comparative biology of aging
• epigenetic damage and aging
• calorie restriction and nutrients
• stress resistance and longevity
• role of telomeres in aging

Application deadline: April 1, 2009
Send CV, publication list, 1 page description of research interests, and 1 letter of recommendation to: …

Complete application details are on the website.