I am a twit(terer)

I’ve decided to start twittering about biogerontology (mostly; I’ll also be posting about open science, other professional interests, and the occasional personal experience) under the handle DoNotGoGently. I intend this to complement but not replace posting on Ouroboros. In particular, I want to meet two perceived needs:

  1. To post interesting articles in a more timely fashion: I tend to put good papers in a list of bookmarks and get to them days or weeks later. By posting on twitter every time I see a good article, I’ll be able to communicate (however briefly) news about interesting work as soon as it crosses my path.
  2. To post about articles that I wouldn’t have blogged about: The aging literature is huge and growing; for every ten abstracts I tend to bookmark two and blog about less than one. This way, there’s a greater likelihood that a given article will get some kind of mention.

I may end up adding a Tweet feed to the right-hand margin of the Ouroboros main page, but for now the surest way to follow my tweets is to follow me.

This is an experiment; I’m not yet sure how this is going to work out or how it will influence my blogging, but — hopefully — at the very least it should enable me to clear my “to do” list more rapidly, result in an increase in overall post frequency, and provide another way for interested parties to keep up to date on the latest in the biogerontology literature.

Update: I did in fact add a Twitter feed to the right-hand margin of the main page, but I hate it — wordpress.com doesn’t support any of Twitter’s widgets and I had to add it as an RSS feed in which all text appears as a link. I didn’t want to put it higher up than my other feed links, or my links to journals etc., so it’s quite low on the page — where no one is going to see it. Someday I’ll move to a two-column right hand margin, but that will be after I buy a domain name and strike out on my own, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.



  1. Good for you and I hope it works out.
    I’ve been using Twitter for a while now (mikesgene) to put out a number of things about the work we’re involved in and to Twitter live from some events. Along with a couple of other Twitter users from the University of Calgary we even tweeted both a closed and a public lecture by Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier when he was in Calgary. We then compiled the tweets and posted them to our blog pages.
    Not the smoothest flowing report but it covered a lot of ground.
    I think you’ll find Twitter to interesting and at times a but challenging to actual make good use of, but in the long run it should be worth it.


  2. Thanks for starting the twitter.

    I have also been thinking about how to keep up with all the information, and struck on the idea of creating a timeline, that could maybe be a wiki(user driven).

    My idea is to build a database of research on aging, keeping track of the date, name, institution, funding, technology, and tags. Then have the database/timeline filtered by any of those variables. I.E. Just show papers by one author…etc…

    Anyway, I submit the link here if anyone would be willing to give feedback, of any kind, it would be much appreciated:



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