A box of biologists: The Life Scientists room at FriendFeed

Lately I’ve been frequenting The Life Scientists room at the social networking/ microblogging/ forum site FriendFeed. I’ve been getting a lot out value out of it (I even used it to research an article I’m writing about social networking in science), so I wanted to mention it to other biologists who might be looking to take the plunge into the Web 2.0 world.

The room’s population is highly enriched in bioinformaticists, computational biologists and open-science advocates, so if those are interests of yours then you’ll find the discussions especially interesting. But if you’re not one of those things, don’t let that stop you; I’m hoping to see more experimental biologists join in. There are lot of conversations going on about new tools for science, but sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough experimentalists taking the opportunity to find out about the latest developments.

At the moment there’s no FF room devoted to biogerontology, but I suspect there’s not a big enough population of likely participants to give such a room momentum. Besides, we’re part of the larger edifice of biology; I’d rather talk with lots of different kinds of scientists than actively seek out isolation (and thereby risk becoming provincial).

(I’m also helping FriendFeed debug a feature that allows automated republishing of blog posts to twitter, so I thought it would be appropriate to make an entry about FriendFeed while I test the feature’s settings.)



  1. I work for the cause of indefinite longevity. I work with all the communities involved with this. Amongst them are the Methuselah Foundation, Immortality Institute, Coalition to Extend Life, Campaign for Aging Research and the Longevity Meme.

    Youll find a lot of experimental biologists there. We are looking to network with more people biologists and gerontologists and the like too. There is tons of room for collaboration here. One thing we are looking to build is a science forums that is by invite and application only.

    Im going to go check into friendfeed. If anybody has any interest and ideas for collaboration then let me know.

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