The new interactive Timeline of Discoveries in the Science of Aging (which I mentioned previously) is growing at a reasonable pace — it has roughly doubled in size since I first saw it, and now requires users to scroll down a bit.

I’ve added two articles and intend to do more:

Feel free to stop by and check those out.

If you feel that a major event in the history of biogerontology is missing from the timeline, I would encourage you to make an addition. Thanks to the site’s proprietor, Paul House, posting is relatively easy and entirely painless — though it’s not currently possible to go back and edit an entry yourself, so it probably makes sense to write and proofread your post before you start entering data into the form. If you know of a critical paper that’s not listed but don’t want to post yourself, you can still suggest it on the forum.

As I said before, I think this is a great idea and will be a fantastic educational and reference tool for the field, so I hope others will support the effort as well.