Didn’t this blog used to be about aging?

It hasn’t escaped my attention that one must scroll down quite a ways to find a post about a journal article about the biology of aging. This isn’t intentional, and it doesn’t represent a permanent shift of focus. I just got really sidetracked — I’ve been busy with experiments and group meeting, so I haven’t had a chance to read papers as frequently or deeply as I usually do.

I’ve also been exploring other interests peripherally related to science and aging. Many of these forays have resulted in significant additions to the Feeds and Search links in the right-hand column, but I appreciate that these aren’t very noticeable. Finally, I’ve been thinking about moving Ouroboros off of the wordpress.com server, basically because I’d like more control over the blog’s format, and the research on that subject is taking time.

None of which is a very good excuse. I just wanted to reassure this blog’s faithful reader(s) that I haven’t abandoned biogerontology. More traditional coverage of the field will resume, hopefully with some consistency, next week.

And as always, if you want to help