Living with Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Project, produced by HBO and the National Institute on Aging, is a new website on Alzheimer’s disease. The site contains information on Alzheimer’s for the general public as well as resources for those suffering from the disease.

The center of the collaboration is a four part documentary, which is now streaming on the project’s website. Although you may feel the need to jump to the film about the science of Alzheimer’s (and its supplemental videos), the real power of this series lies in the other sections.

Grandpa, do you know who I am? features interviews with the grandchildren of Alzheimer’s patients, and Caregivers provides a look at lives of those who care for Alzheimer’s patients. Both of these films are worth watching, especially if someone you know has Alzheimer’s.

For scientists, though, The Memory Loss Tapes is a must see. This section profiles seven people with Alzheimer’s, each at different stages of the disease. As basic scientists, we are often too far removed from those actually suffering from the diseases we study. This film gives us an up-close view of what it is like living with Alzheimer’s, and is a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do.


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