Sunday funnies

Biologists of aging and cancer are all too familiar with this process. I’ve often lamented the phenomenon depicted on the right-hand side of the figure — the “Cancer cured…again!” news story, poorly adapted from a university press release about a recent peer-reviewed paper, confusing the public while signifying nothing. Lately, as biogerontology heats up, the same thing has been happening with aging research. If I had more time I might consider starting a collection of unintentionally hilarious discussions of our field derived from the mainstream media. For now, hopefully this comic will suffice.


On a related note, see Research Topics Guaranteed To Be Picked Up By the News Media. From Piled Higher & Deeper: Life (or the lack thereof) in Academia, by Jorge Cham, who is always hilarious. Click through, read the comics, buy his books, and realize that you are not alone.

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