Help raise $5000 for SENS – by leaving an online comment

The SENS Foundation (which organizes the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence conferences) is in the running for the $5000 grand prize in 3banana’s Share to Win event. The contest seeks to raise money “for causes serving unmet needs in health, education and environment.”

And you can help. It’s pretty simple: All you have to do is leave a comment on this page. (The award goes to the cause with the most comments.) You can sign on using a Google account if you already have one of those, or register for a free one-off account. It’s painless and takes about thirty seconds.

Your comment/vote makes a difference! Right now, SENS is neck-and-neck with the competition — as of this post, they’re 17 votes behind first place. (Well, sixteen, since I just commented.) So don’t just sit there — this is your opportunity to help send real money to a very important cause, at no cost to yourself.

Post your comment now.

There are only four days left in the contest, so time is of the essence.

(For all you social media users, feel free to spread the word via blogs and Twitter. If you’re interested in regular updates from the SENS Foundation, there’s a Facebook page as well.)

UPDATE: The push yesterday put SENS into the lead — thanks to all Ouroboros readers who took the time to comment! But the current lead is tenuous, and it could still be lost. If you haven’t commented yet: it doesn’t take much time, and with margins like these your vote really makes a difference. Would you really want to find out that SENS had lost by a single vote? Please consider taking a minute or so and leaving a comment on the contest page.



  1. As Josh MItteldorf notes in his book manuscript with the working title: The Kiss of Death–Why nature has arranged for us to die, and what we can do about it:

    “…all of the technologies for extending life span increase health span as well.”

    For this reason it is imperative that support for longevity research continues. In concert, however, must be effort to meet the challenge of overpopulation, to which success with longevity will make critical.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sue.

    Just in case it wasn’t clear, for those of you who want to help SENS win the money — you have to comment on the contest page. Not here — unless you really just want to comment, in which case, feel free.

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