¡Bienvenidos, @ging!

I just learned of an excellent new blog – @ging, dedicated to “scientific findings on aging and its underlying mechanisms / Los avances científicos sobre el envejecimiento y sus mecanismos reguladores.” That’s right, it’s bilingual in English and Spanish, with almost every article appearing in both languages.

Authors Shaday and Layla Michán state their site’s mission succinctly as follows:

This space is devoted to analyze and discuss the advances on aging research.

Este espacio esta dedicado a analizar y discutir los avances en los etudios de envejecimiento.

The site has been up less than a month; so far, posts have dealt with a wide variety of subject, from demographics to genetics to molecular details of aging. The writing is concise and very readable, in both languages (so far as I can tell; my Spanish is functional but weak). Overall, I’m very favorably impressed. There’s also a great sidebar with links to recent articles in aging-related journals.

Whether you’ve been longing for biogerontología en español or you’re strictly inglés-only, be sure to add @ging to your daily reading list.