Bay Area Aging Club

Today I’m attending the first Bay Area Aging Club at UCSF’s Gladstone Institute. BAAC is a meeting of local scientists working in biogerontology and related fields, along the lines of the Bay Area RNA Club or Bay Area Worm Meetings held in years past. The idea is that the conference will be held regularly (every 6 months or so), allowing frequent discussion of recent progress and ongoing work, and encouraging networking and collaboration between Bay Area biogerontologists.

The conference is drawing from a fairly big population – everyone at the Buck Institute, comprising the members of 15 or so labs, and at least as many from Berkeley, Stanford, UCSF; I’d estimate more than 300 scientists. Turnout is pretty good: as of the morning session there are about 75 people in the auditorium, and more are trickling in.

The format is one that I like: All the talks are from postdocs and graduate students, and the talks themselves are short (15 minutes + questions). This allows us to cover a lot of different subjects over the course of the day, and gives the junior scientists who are actively doing the experiments to discuss their own work.

I’ll blog each session separately.

On the off chance that you’re around and see this guy, come up and say hi.