Conference: SENS5 – Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (June 15 registration deadline)

From the mailbag:

I am writing to inform you that June 15th is the deadline for
discounted registration and abstract submission for the fifth
Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) conference, to
be held at Queens’ College, Cambridge, England on August
31st-September 4th 2011. After the deadline, all registration fees
rise by £150.00. Also, after that date, we cannot guarantee that
submitted abstracts will be considered for oral presentation or that
they will be included in the conference abstract book.

All details of the conference, including forms for abstract submission
and online registration, are at the conference website:

The conference program features 33 confirmed speakers so far, all of
them world leaders in their field. As with previous SENS conferences,
the emphasis of this meeting is on “applied gerontology” – the design
and implementation of biomedical interventions that may, jointly,
constitute a comprehensive panel of rejuvenation therapies, sufficient
to restore middle-aged or older laboratory animals (and, in due
course, humans) to the physical and mental robustness of young adults.
The list of sessions and confirmed speakers is as follows:

SENS Lecture:
Caleb Finch, ARCO/Keischnick Professor of Gerontology and Biological
Science and Director, Gerontology Research Institute, U. Southern
Decellularised organs for tissue engineering
Shay Soker, Laura Niklason
New advances in stem cells
Xiao-Dong Chen, Mariusz Ratajczak
Gut rejuvenation
James Wells, Graca Almeida-Porada
Brain aging
David Rubinsztein, Einar Sigurdsson, Charles Greer, Rodolfo Goya
Combating mitochondrial mutations
Matthew O’Connor, Michael Teitell
Genetic dysregulation in aging
Silvia Gravina, James Kirkland
Minoru Ko, Bill Andrews, Dan Kaufman, Michael Lisanti
Novel treatments for atherosclerosis
Pedro Alvarez, Alexandr Kharlamov
Crosslink accumulation in the extracellular matrix
Daniel Nyhan, Paul Thornalley, David Spiegel
Novel antibody technology
Kenneth Shea, Michael Sierks
Janko Nikolich-Zugich, Doren Melamed
Bioinformatics in aging
Alex Zhavoronkov, Pat Langley, Maria Konovalenko
The long-term context of truly effective medicine aginst aging
Max More, Dana Goldman

In addition, there will be at least twenty short talks selected from
submitted abstracts, as well as poster sessions each evening. Authors
of short talks and posters will, like the invited speakers, be invited
to submit a paper summarising their presentation for the proceedings
volume, which will be published in the high-impact journal
Rejuvenation Research early in 2012.

Please note that registration fees are fully inclusive of
accommodation and all meals. Those not requiring accommodation,
journalists wishing to obtain free press passes (not including
accommodation), and those who are unable to register using a credit
card are asked to contact me by email (

I hope to welcome you to Cambridge in August!

Cheers, Aubrey

Aubrey de Grey
Organiser, SENS5
Chief Science Officer, SENS Foundation
Editor-in-Chief, Rejuvenation Research