For those of you who are wondering what became of me — in 2012 I left the lab; since then, I’ve been working as a scientific language editor and developing two book proposals (including one about the biology of aging). Blogging here at Ouroboros was a joy, and I hope to get back to it someday.

At the moment, my main online activity is the new blog Life on Mars, which describes my ongoing participation in the Mars One Project, an audacious effort to send a human crew to Mars by 2025. As it matures, the blog will encompass an increasing number of topics, ranging from Mars One news to new science about Mars and planetary exploration in general. (For those of you who prefer Facebook, I have a page there too: A Biologist on Mars, and I also provide various Mars-related updates on Twitter as @DoNotGoGently.) Feel free to stop by and say hello!